System DL Free Stuff

The System DL homepage is over at the Edge-On Gaming Ltd. Web site. This is where you need to go to find up-to-date information, System DL Freeware, the Basic SDL one-page ruleset, and other such things. This page exists only for items I don’t feel like making a big fuss about or stuff I can’t sell, like MetaHuman DL two paragraphs down.

Welcome to System DL, a new direction in role-playing! System DL is a completely diceless role-playing system which still plays like the old diced games everyone’s used to. After all, if, as Einstein once said, God doesn’t play dice with the Universe, then why should you?

The full and complete System DL is on sale now. Go grab it here.

For all you LARP’ers and superhero fanatics, I’ve grafted a System DL variant onto an idea from and created … MetaHuman DL! Take a look! Go play it at cons! It’s wifty! It’s free! It makes me use lots of exclamation points!

Sounds neat; so where can I find System DL?

The complete rules of System DL are now available at RPGNow. These rules contain MUCH more detailed and useful rules than the freeware version, including:

  • Vehicles
  • Better magic rules
  • Contemporary equipment and weapons
  • Alternate character generation and LUCK rules
  • Just lots more of everything, really

To whet your gaming appetites, a freeware version is available over at Edge-On Gaming Ltd. These rules are slanted toward playing within a fairly generic low-tech fantasy milieu. Many of the concepts from the full version have been pared down or ignored, but the basics are intact. Any character or campaign you create with these rules will translate fully into the “real” System DL with only slight modifications.