Enough About the Site Already …

My particulars, you ask? Well, I’m a 43-year-old graphic designer / Web developer / writer / artist / gamer / game designer / programmer / cartoonist / theremin player hybrid. Not necessarily in that order. On August 1, 1998, I took the biggest step in my life and married a wonderful high school band director named Donna, who is of course the most wonderful woman ever to stride the face of the planet.

I have a degree in English, which explains how I can talk so much without saying anything. Somehow, I’ve managed to parley that ivory-tower, artsy-fartsy degree into a name for myself in the high-paying field of Web design. I’ve also been a programmer, a scriptwriter for an advertising agency, a person paid to watch the news for a living, a newspaper editor, a peon, a serf, a scion, the world’s largest manufacturer of men’s briefs, the groove that makes your booty move, and a man trapped on an orbiting satellite by mad scientists and forced to watch bad movies with my robot pals. ("Okay, everybody in this scene, go up a shirt size!") I also have a slight tendency to exaggerate.

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