Mortal Konquest

Round One:

And then the sky screamed.

Huge swirling portals yawned over the cities of Earth. Unholy energies poured forth, stealing the souls of the lion’s share of the human population. Within moments, the first wave of the invasion was over. The Mother Realm had been struck a horrific blow.

Round Two:

The survivors looked up in fear as the now-too-familiar sound of portals opening shrieked around the world. Holes appeared in reality, disgorging a black flood of beasts, huge four-armed monsters and wild centaurs, hacking and killing. Terrible magics began to transform the planet into a dark realm of despair.

Round Three:

Few are those who have survived the bloody battles and the twisting magics. The Mother Realm shivers and squirms, the very flesh of the Earth crawling, as the yin and yang slowly close in upon one another. Death becomes life as revenants crawl from the dank clutches of the earth to walk again. The moon hangs frozen in its orbit, a constant lurid blood red. The humans who remain are the stopgap, for as long as they remember the Earth as it was, the invasion cannot truly be completed. Slowly the resistance gathers around the greatest fighters ever known, and the remnants of humanity raise their fists against the tyranny of the invader, Shao Khan. In the hollow shells of cities, in the darkling plains, from the mountaintops, a cry goes up, the cry of anguish and revenge.

The time has come for …


Mortal Konquest is an unofficial roleplaying game set in the dark world of Mortal Kombat®. This is not a computer game! It’s a pencil-and-paper, face-to-face RPG for two to six or more players. The complete game rules are on three medium-sized pages, all linked to the index page. We’d really like for anyone who downloads these rules to say something about them to a friend, even if only to say they stink like yesterday’s fish. Watch this space for announcements about unofficial rules supplements, unofficial adventures, and other unofficial stuff involving Mortal Konquest.

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Mortal Kombat® is Copyright ©1995 by Bally Midway®. Used without permission. Use of the name “Mortal Kombat®” and trademarked names from the Mortal Kombat® video game is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, an infringement on said copyright.

Mortal KonquestTM is a trademark of Richard Anderson.