Video game wars: first to the post!

I’ve just arbitrarily decided that the success of a video game console depends on how quickly it sells 8 million units worldwide. Because I’m wacky that way.

So who wins on that entirely made-up statistic? Why, the Wii of course! Yes, the Wii has passed 8 million units sold in just 30 weeks, according to The second best seller is the Game Boy Advance, also by Nintendo, which passed 8 million units sold after 40 weeks. Tied at third, the DS and the PSP both passed 8 million within 50 weeks, although the PSP’s sales kind of level off after that while the DS suddenly shoots off into the stratosphere right around when Nintendogs came out. Right now the DS is outselling the PSP by more than two-to-one. Nothing to be ashamed of for either of them, of course.

After that it gets murkier. The Xbox 360 hit 8 million after 59 weeks, the Playstation 2 passed the post at 70 weeks, and the remaining consoles are relative slowbies: Xbox 1, 105 weeks; Gamecube and SNES, 107 weeks; Playstation 1, 140 weeks; and the original Game Boy brings up the rear, hitting 8 million at 190 weeks.

Why do I care? I dunno. I like statistics, I guess. I’m also a huge Wii supporter (LOL huge Wii) and I like anything that makes it look like a clear winner. Because it really is. :colbert:

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