Nuke me with the New!

Why yes I am a comic nerd, thank you for asking.

Well, it’s a turning point. Or maybe it’s a tipping point. Maybe even a point of no return. In any case, the point is this: I have a new job. Starting next Monday, I’ll be working for a nation-wide distributor of sign supplies as their sole Web developer. It’s not 100% the pure design and layout job I was hoping for, but what the hey, it’s a start. It also pays better and has much more opportunity for advancement. I’m pretty psyched.

Of course, it’s very sad to leave behind a great bunch of people, who were my main reason for staying the past couple of years anyway. But I’m still in town, they know where to find me, and I’ll never work for a committee-run organization ever freakin’ again, so it all works out. Several people there, even people I never got to know very well, have asked me to take them with me. If this job turns into what I expect it to become, I could almost certainly oblige some of them. Tee hee.

So this coming week I expect to go out to lunch with several people who think they should feel beholden to me because I was doing my job. Since I’ll never turn down a free meal, it’s all good to me.

But wait there’s more! I bought a new car yesterday. My old 1999 Saturn is still plugging along just fine, but it’s starting to make kinda throaty noises and the “Check Engine Soon” light’s been on for a while and it hasn’t really been maintained all that well and I’m making some pretty sweet bank at the new place so what the hey. It’s the sort of car I’d never have expected me to get: near-luxury class, all the trimmings, and a bright red exterior. It even has an outside temperature indicator. An outside temperature indicator. Can you believe it?! I’m spazzing out here!

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