Take two tablets, and other bad jokes

Today being “Never Forget” day, I decided to remember to update my Web site. So, um, here we are. How you guys been? Good, good. I’m fine, thanks for asking. Nothing really new. I’m still in the same place, working the same job. Ho hum.

Well, there are two differences: I just got a tablet PC, which is really REALLY cool. And on the other end of the spectrum, my newly divorced brother-in-law is living with us, which is really REALLY lame. We took him in because he literally had no place to go. Now we kinda wish he would find someplace pretty quick. I didn’t realize how much I’d gotten used to walking around in my underwear until he moved in and stopped me from doing it.

Anyway, the tablet’s neat. I use it to sketch and draw as I dream of freedom. Someday. Someday.

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