One of the beautiful people

Do you know what happens when you start developing Web sites? The next thing you know, you have seven or eight vanity sites cluttering up the Internet.

Yes, I just made yet another Web site for myself. I must have a brain problem. In my defense, I did put it on some free Web space that I just picked up … it’s a shame to have something free and not use it, y’know?

So anyway … now I have a blog related to System DL. I’m sure it’ll pall after a few weeks and eventually get deleted. Before that inevitable time, however, you can trot on over to the System DL Developer (NOTE: not anymore, me bucko!) and have a gander around.

Don’t worry, this site isn’t going anywhere. I wouldn’t want to disappoint the three or four of you that come here by accident while searching Google for “game crackz warez” or “gay horse porn bondage role play” or “Jay Cronley”. This means I probably won’t update this site as often. As if that’s even humanly possible. It’s also possible that the synergy of having another site will spur me to update this place more often. Ha! I crack myself up.

Now I just have to sit back and watch my page views soar now that I’ve included the words “porn” and “warez” on it.

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