Thumbs of FURY

I seem to be getting good with this Blackberry typing thing, but having unlimited Internet access and an easy phone keyboard seems to be messing with my head. For instance, I picked up a Twitter account with the intention of giving it a shot, but seriously, who gives half a rat’s buttocks what I do all day?

This is the allure of the Interblogospheroweb, I suppose. Suddenly we’re all celebrities. Well, forget it, I reject the notion of instant fame just because I own a URL and know how to type with my thumbs on a Chiclet keyboard. Do you hear me, Internet? I’m dull and ordinary and nothing you can do will change that!

If you feel the same as I do, please give generously to my Paypal tip jar so I may continue blogging about my unique philosophy of life. Being average is a lot harder than it looks, you know.

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