I’m back. The passing of my mother in January took a lot ouf of me. I’ve been tired all the time, scatter-brained, distracted, hard to concentrate on anything; sort of a cross between depression and ADHD. It wasn’t until April before my wife mentioned that I was acting halfway like my old self, and even then I’d just stop in the middle of things and drop into a blue funk for an hour or so. My wife, already long-suffering, deserves some sort of medal.

I’m probably gonna be a downer for a while yet. If you’ve come here to read something ha-ha funny, like more diatribes about Jay Cronley, you’ll have to wait until I can muster up some ire at his sophomoric writing style, humorless and uninspired subject matter, and poor grasp of paragraphing. Right now, I’m just not really up to it.

If you’d like to read it, I’ve saved my original post about Mom [below]. It’s hard for me to read even now.

In other news: I may start redirecting you guys to another Web site soon. I own about eight URLs and have a pretty nice Web space that has a lot of cool backend options, and yet for some reason I continue to plink around in this pansy Cox space that doesn’t even allow for really basic custom CGI. Laaaaame. So if the two or three of you who have this place bookmarked suddenly find yourselves redirected, don’t panic. Just update your bookmarks like good Interweb citizens and carry on.

So wish me luck as I’m about to enter … the blogosphere. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

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