Other secret codes

In light of the #PizzaGate scandal, we here at CCXP (The Only News Source You’ll Ever Really Need™) have compiled this handy list of secret code words. Now you too can bulk-search email leaks and discover the hidden truth about the world being flaunted right under your nose!

Code Word Hidden Meaning
Pizza Pedophilia
Pizza Pockets Ephebophilia
Steak Taking away people’s guns
Hamburger Racketeering
Taco Illegal dumping
Taco bowl Real estate fraud
Egg roll Prostitution
Scrambled eggs Dog prostitution
Mushrooms Like, shrooms, man
Bacon Sodomy
Turkey bacon Sodomy with a turkey
Falafel Bill O’Reilly
Sausage Lesbianism (though you’d think different, right?)
White wine White slavery
Red wine Communist slavery
Beer A specific form of prostitution involving women farting on cakes for money (cf. “the Heineken Maneuver”)
Toad in the hole Literally what it says
Venezuelan donkey show Needlepoint
Arby’s Scat play
Chimichanga Deadpool reference
Pretzel Self-69’ing
Pretzel with mustard Self-69’ing with mustard
Salted pretzel Tax fraud
Früsengladje The Aristocrats!

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