More about spam

Whee-hee! Now apparently spammers are sending mass emails spoofing my URL as the return address. There’s also been a big upswing in the spam I’m receiving. Just today, from midnight to about 11 a.m. here, I’ve gotten over 400 spam mails. Luckily the Exchange spam filter picks up most of it, and there’s a spam filter on my server too. Still, that’s some pretty impressive idiocy at work there.

I dunno if this is related at all to my previous post. I wouldn’t put it past some pimply-faced pocket surfer to get a wild hair and screw around with some crotchety old bald guy for no good reason. Or maybe it’s just the luck of the draw. Or maybe every site on the Internet has this same problem. Who cares, it’s fun!

So anyway, I’m off to go get some “miracle meds for my penis” because apparently “she’s bored in bed.” It’s about damn time I finally “won in the bedroom.” I never win anything. But more importantly I need to make “MEGADICK a reality.” I mean c’mon. MEGADICK! :rock:

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