I shall return. Oh wait I did.

Ding, cruise is done! We took the Carnival Valor from Miami to Grand Cayman, Roatan Island off the coast of Honduras, Belize, and Costa Maya in the Yucatan, plus a couple of days at sea in among all that. We had a few panic moments (“Where’s our tender? What do we do now? What did that guy say about poisonous snakes in his thick accent?”), but all told it was 98% fun and relaxation, 1% confusion, and 1% severe sunburn.

We kissed a stingray, got kissed by a dolphin, visited Mayan ruins, toured Belize City, saw dance and music and culture, ate enormous quantities of food, spent hours on our balcony, lumbered around in gaudy shirts taking pictures of everything like a couple of tourists, and otherwise enjoyed the hell out of ourselves. Unfortunately, we had a room directly below the restaurant, so we heard a lot of THUMP THUMP CLOP CLOP CLOP tap tap SCROONCH while we tried to sleep. I also had some sort of weird allergic reaction to the spray-on sunscreen, which gave me tiny red itchy bumps all over my calves and stomach. Ah, the price we pay. Plus the four grand or so. At least nobody got sick.

I go back to work day after tomorrow. Thank heavens I added a few extra days to recover; I’ve been in a fog since Sunday night. I can’t even come up with a funny way to end this post. (So maybe I’m back to normal after all. Har har.)

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