Hey didja know I write games cause I totally write games

It’s been a Big Release Tuesday around here, except it wasn’t Tuesday and I didn’t release anything particularly big. I’ll start again.

I’ve finally put out a new “pen-and-paper style” RPG ruleset for public consumption. I developed it for a game competition several months ago and decided it was pretty keeno, so here you go. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’. (Yes that’s another blog of mine. I figured Blogger would be a vaguely better choice for a release venue, since it’s popular. Pssh, yeah, I know. What a sellout I’ve become. Shameful.)

Anyway, in case you didn’t automatically click the above link like some sort of Pavlovian drool monster, it’s a game framework called the Forum-Adapted Play-by-Post Online Role-Playing System, or F.A.P.P.O. for short. I worked literally minutes on that anagram, so you know. It’s a system specifically designed for playing RPGs on an online forum, or in Google Wave (R.I.P. *sob*), or any other online venue which has threaded conversations. There didn’t seem to be anything of the sort on the market, so I made my own. I am industrious. Y’all just step.

From time to time I’ll zoop out to the other blog and work on F.A.P.P.O. so you won’t be bothered by my geekery over here in this bastion of sophistication and good taste. *fart* But don’t worry, True Believers, this blog is for everything else in my life. That I don’t post on Twitter or Facebook, anyway. Or Google Buzz (which is mostly just rebuzzing my posts here, so: HI BUZZ!). Or Posterous.

… I need a life.

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