DING! Novel’s done!

Because I was writing furiously for a month, I didn’t get to post here much. Which is okay, because it spurred me to finish NaNoWriMo. Yes! My book Revenant is “done” at 51,455 words. What’s more, it has spurred me to continue writing. So off we go to a new book. Then another, and another, until my computer crashes through the desk with the weight of the hard drive.

Other interesting things: I got a Google Wave account on the preview box. H’ray. It’s actually pretty interesting to hang out with a bunch of people having a conversation which you can scroll back and forth through in time as well as in space. Like whoooah.

I have a few Wave invites if anyone wants one. Hah! As if anyone reads this tripe. Maybe this is just a ploy to figure out if anyone’s out there. If you are, and you want a Google Wave invitation, respond to this entry and I’ll hook a few of you up. If you aren’t out there, then you have a face like a horse’s butt AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK, CHACHI.

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