BlitzBasic Football RULES!

This is only a small update, since nothing of any great import has happened to me or to the site over the past month. Work is fine, wife is fine, dog is fine, house is fine, mother was sick recently but is now fine. How are you?

I’ve discovered an amazing games programming language called BlitzBasic which has occupied far too much of my time recently. Besides the link above, there are a couple of other new links to B3D sites on the Links page. I’m also doing a crash course in Milkshape so I can toss out an actual downloadable game one of these days. Blitz may be consuming a large portion of my creative personal time, but it’ll be worth it someday. You’ll see.

I have every intention to work some more on 2100: The New World, as well as putting together the final, final draft of the payware System DL (I now want to publish the player’s guide and GM’s book at the same time, which sets me pretty far back on my plans … sorry) and a pretty big update on MetaHuman DL which I just thought of tonight. All in among the Star Exterminator Movie Project and the two or three different computer games I’m fiddling with. Nothing on this site is ever truly abandoned, even the things I haven’t changed in four years. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d be really really busy.

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