Back … to the PAST!

I’ve spent a few minutes over at plucking up a bunch of my old Web updates and vomiting them like lovingly digested worms into the gaping mouth of my new Web site, so that it may grow healthy and strong with the history of its forebears. Good lord what a disgusting and convoluted analogy. I’m sorry you had to read that.

It’s not the entire history of my stupid little site (stretching back to 1995), and it’s not even comprehensive for the period I do have, but it’s content. I was also blogging before blogging was cool, so that should get me some points with all you young kids. Hey, this balding, greying 40-year-old is JUST LIKE YOU! Doesn’t that make you wanna accept me into your clique? I even listen to that rap music you guys are all excited over, and I have one of those Xbox 360s! We can totally play HALO 2 and hang our pants off our butts and talk about Howard Dean and how much fun it is to pierce our lips and … Hey, wait, come back here!

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