Alternate Fellowship campaigns

I’ve recently really REALLY gotten into Fellowship 2nd Edition, a PbtA-adjacent tabletop RPG published by Liberi Gothica Games. It’s fantastic and you should look at it. I hereby offer this post to the world to document just how obsessed I’ve become with it. Sorry. I can’t guarantee I’ll never do it again.

Super Mario Bros movie (1993)

Mario Mario: The Outlander (Alien World version)

Luigi Mario: The Squire (See the World version)

Daisy: The Heir (Lost Line of Kings version)

Toad: The Orc (Spawn of Darkness version)

Koopa: The Overlord (Generals: Lena, Iggy & Spike [who operate together in a Pair-like arrangement])
In the original version of this post, I considered Dinohattan to be The Empire. But on further reflection, Koopa’s plan to merge two dimensions means the story begins in a “peaceful” Brooklyn which is threatened by his schemes. Classic Overlord behavior. Also the necklace is so obviously a Source of Power that it hardly bears mentioning.

Hololive EN (HoloMyth)

Gawr Gura: The Elf (Merfolk ver.)

Ninomae Ina’nis: The Angel (Messengers from Beyond ver.)

Calliope Mori: The Heir (Forgotten Lands ver.)

Takanashi Kiara: The Dragon (Dragon, Reborn ver., searching and replacing “dragon” with “phoenix”)

Amelia Watson: The Exile (Thief ver., with forbidden element “time”)

Yagoo: The Overlord (Generals: Enma, Jenma, J-Chad)
Alternate idea: YouTube is The Empire, and Hololive is the Rebellion. They have to garner the fellowship of the Beasts (Mio, Fubuki, Botan, Watame, etc), the Harbingers (Shion, maybe Moona), the Remnants (Ollie), the Orcs (Haachama), the Spoiled Selfish Babies (Luna), and various others to overthrow the DMCA and restore freedom and peace. Or PEACE!, in Calli’s case.


Ronald: The Collector (Living ver., flinging Fry Guys and McNuggets at his enemies)

Grimace: The Spider (Well Armed ver.)

Birdie: The Angel (Eyes That See Truth ver.)

The Hamburglar: The Halfling (Mischievous Trickster ver.)

Mayor McCheese: The Overlord (Generals: Officer Big Mac, Mac Tonight)

Project: F • R • I • E • N • D • S

Ross: The Shattered (Crystalline ver.; he was ON A BREAK!)

Phoebe: The Beast (Mammalian ver.; a smelly catgirl)

Joey: The Spy (Fatale ver.; how YOU doin’?)

Monica: The Squire (For Your People ver.; keep them safe, keep them healthy, but most of all, keep them clean)

Chandler: The Construct (Steel and Wire ver.; could he BE any more robotic?)

Rachel: The Devil (Lying Snake ver., obviously)

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